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The evil have settled, but the chaos in Betholia has not. The massive war between Knights of Betholia and Lords of Chaos have created an almost eternal hatred and wasted endless lives. The war has since blown over and the guilds have emerged bruised and battered but still full of their pride.

And somewhere, a forlorn soul wanders the realm. Going under the name of Tanis Half-Elven, attempting to gather up the shattered remnants of his life...

The evil gates of Betholia remained unclose, yet as the demons escape and leaves devastation in its path, few heroes and heroines stand bravely against these monsters. They are the ones, whom people idolize, such as the famous Dirk who has assisted countless others in protecting themselves against the evil monsters out there.

And then, there are the infamous murderers in Betholia, such as Zuboki, whom many hated. Do you really know who you can trust?

Now, you have a path, where will you go? And so, the journey begins for you�

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