Betholia: Basics

Frame 1 (Integrated Chatroom)

Frame 2 (Menu Frame)

Frame 3 (Movement Frame)

Frame 4 (Game Frame)

Frame 5 (Miscellaneous Frame)

Integrated Chatroom
This frame contains the in-game chatroom for players to interact with each other. Useful for newbie to ask questions and stuff like that. Tell jokes, or even make new friends. You may send your text in the main, or do a private whisper, or send the text as an action in relation to your nickname.
Menu Frame
This is the frame where you can switch between various modes. Since the various modes cover a huge variety of features, and some yet to be done, I can only explain at the simplicity what each mode is supposed to achieve at best.
  • Offensive Mode - When this mode is active, it allows you to click on monsters/players and attack them.
  • Drop Mode - This mode will allow you to drop items from your inventory to the ground.
  • Guild Mode - This mode will allow you to start your own guilds and do additional guild stuff. When this mode is active, you may click on other players shown inside Frame 4 to recruit them. After you clicked on the player whom you wanted to recruit, the window at Frame 5 will be changed to a recruiting screen where you have to decide on the guild title and rank to offer to that player. You must be in the same map position as the player whom you are trying to recruit so as to prevent guild leaders from spamming other players to join their guild.
  • Inspect Mode - This mode allows you to inspect items/monsters/players to get additional information without engaging with them.
  • Inventory Mode - When this mode is active, you should be able to equip/unequip/use items and do some inventory organization. To equip/use items, if they are usable, go to "View Inventory Items" from Frame 5, and then click on the items. To unequip items, go to "View Equipped Items" from Frame 5, and then click on the equipped items. Soulbound items have an asterisk beside their name.
  • Item Crafting Mode - This mode allows you to craft your own items using other stuff. Useful for alchemists to brew their own potions.
  • Quest Mode - This mode allows you to invite players to go on quests together. To invite another player to join you, go into quest mode, and then click on their names shown inside Frame 4. It will send an invitation for them to join you in the journey. You may only invite players at the exact same map position as you are.
  • Skill Mode - This allows you to use your specialized skills that are only catered to your character class. Special skills could be backstabbing by assassins, or soulbinding items for clerics.
  • Use Skill On Self - This option when used in conjunction with the Skill Mode, allows you to use the skill on your character. Such situations could be when you need to cast healing spells on your own character, or to soulbind items. There could be more.
  • Sleep - Allows your character to logout of the game. To prevent yourself from being attacked by other players, it's best to sleep in a tavern or a house.
  • Skills Menu - This menu allows you to select and set active the skill you want ready. When you're in skill mode, the active ready skill will be used. This might save you in the nick of time when you need to heal yourself at the last minute of an important battle.
Movement Frame
This section shows some letterings. This is actually a compass that enables your character to walk around the map. Accessible areas are shown in white colors. Inaccessible/hidden areas will have the lettering enclosed between brackets. Areas which require keys to enter will be enclosed in apostrophes. To move your character, just click on the letterings.
Travel Upwards
NorthWest North NorthEast
West Refresh East
SouthWest South SouthEast
Travel Downwards
Game Frame
This is where you see all the map descriptions and features of the map buildings. Depending on where you might be, say if you're in a weapon shop, you will be shown a menu to trade weapons. If you're out in the wilderness, then you can probably see just descriptions on what the surrounding is like. A map description could be fairly descriptive or just a simple sentence. This part is also where you can see monster/player names to click on. Depending on the Mode you are active in, you could be inspecting them, attacking them, inviting them to join you, etc.
Miscellaneous Frame
This frame deals mainly towards your character development. It can show you the character information, the skills the character has, how efficient the skills are, the inventory items, the equipped items and more.
Remember, there are always new features coming in all the time. It's really hard to keep track of each and every changes, but the best way to explore the game is to play it for hours and hours. It's just one of the many ways to discover the many secrets of the game. You may use brute strength to get powerful items dropped from quest monsters, but then there are other ways of getting them, such as item crafting! The possibilities are endless in the game, the best way to conquer the game? Play it yourself.