Betholia: Classes
Alchemists are usually the more peaceful civilians. They brew potions and find new recipes to enhance the abilities of bodies and minds. They are not the best fighters, but when they are in combat, their weapon of choice is the staffs.
The Assassins are well known to lurk within the shadows of Betholia. With them around, no place can be declared safe. Their weapon of choice is the light and stealthy, such as the dagger and whips.
The Barbarians are muscular and having survived their whole lives in the wilderness, they have learnt a great deal about the art of survival. Their brute strength makes the clubs and the spears their most efficient weapons.
As you would have guessed, the Clerics are usually a peaceful bunch. They are masters of healing, and no party could travel without one of these magicians. Clerics normally have a staff around to protect themselves should they face an offensive situation.
Death Knights
Not much could be said about the Death Knights. They could strike fear into enemies with their paralysis touch. However, these cursed creatures are never well liked by anyone. Death Knights normally work with swords and spears.
The Druids are mostly well respected within the communities. They are good with magic and works well with staffs.
Elementalists are the ones who summon elements to do bidding for them. They are skilled with most elemental spells and are most efficient with staffs.
The Knights are the protectors of the realm. They are well respected within the communities and are known to be honorable people. Their weapon of choice is the sword.
Mages studies the art of fine magic and normally walks around with a staff. Their wisdom is often unquestioned and no party should go into a major battle without Mages  in their ranks.
Necromancers are a feared lot. They could do devastating things with their black magic and are good with staffs. However, they are not well liked anywhere due to the nature of the magic they are practicing.
The Ninjas are stealthy and like Assassins, they prefer to use light weapons such as daggers. However, Ninjas are also skilled with swords and these elite killers are known to hail from Japan.
The Paladins are skilled with both magic and swords. They are also well admired by communities for their honor and valor.
The Rangers roam the wilderness in search of something  in their lives. Not much is known about the Rangers as they varies differently between each other, some are just out for hunting, the others may find meanings for roaming the realms. They are good with bows.
The Samurais also hailed from Japan. They are the honorable knights and arch enemies of the Ninjas. The Samurai's weapon of choice is the Sword.
Sorcerers are masters of magic and they have a fearsome reputation on what they can do. Sorcerers are also good with using staffs.
Obviously not everyone likes thieves, especially when their own stuff were being stolen. However, the thieves are masters of stealth and they are very intelligent creatures. Thieves are never good fighters, so they travel light and probably with a dagger to protect themselves.
The Warriors are the masters of melee combat. They are skilled at using axes, swords, and spears. These fighters are a necessity in any party to protect them.