Betholia: Races
The dwarves are masters of combat, especially with axes as their weapon of choice. They are pretty agile and amazingly strong for their size. However, they are just average with magic spells and isn't very likable by everyone. 
The elves are excellent with bows and very smart creatures. They are extremely agile and excel in magic. Moreover, they can also fight well with daggers and is among the best race to use for the game.
The fairies are the most agile of all races. They are also the masters of magic spells and very capable of fending off attacks with their small size and lightning speed. Fairies are a bunch of very intelligent creatures.
Giants, as you might expect, are pretty clumsy and stupid. However, they make up for all that with pure brute strength that can send anyone to their death instantly.
Gnomes are very lucky creatures. They just have lady luck smiling at them all day, everyday. They are also capable of both melee combat and magic spells.
Goblins normally travel in packs as they are quite vulnerable as an individual. They are average with everything, nothing bad about them , but nothing exceptional about them either.
The hobbits are the most peaceful races of all. They don't do well in combat but they have an abundance of charisma and luck with them. They are considered the happy go lucky creatures.
Humans normally group together in heavily populated cities as they are vulnerable living alone. They are average with most skills and so called the jack of all trades but master of none.
The orcs are fearless fighters, though not very wise, they are very strong creatures. They are probably among the least liked races but with their combat powers and ugly faces, who dares to complain?
Not much is known about the Saurian, except that they look like huge walking lizards, some sort of reptiles. They possess an amazingly agile body and fights very well in combat. Luckily, they are not as blessed in the path of magic. Saurian are not welcomed by most races due to their looks.
The undead are simply corpses of evil origin. They possess huge strength and able to take damages well during combat. However, they can't fight well and are poor magicians. The undead, as you might expect, is among the most despised races.