Betholia: Stats
Leveling Information
To increase your level, you must gain experience points. Experience points are normally obtained through attacking monsters or NPC (Non Player Character). Every attack you successfully achieve will add experience points to your character. The amount of experience points you obtained is determined by its difficulty level. For example a level 5 monster would give more experience points than a level 4 monster, But there are certain monsters which give more experience than others. Once you have obtained enough experience points, you gain a level. After each level up, you receive a certain number of stat points. These stat points can be used to increase your stats; agility, attack, charisma, defend, leadership, luck, intelligence, strength, wisdom, health, and energy). You can use stat points to upgrade your stats at learning towers in town.
Agility helps your character to fight better, dodge better, and be more nimble in carrying out certain tasks such like backstabbing.
Attack is an offensive attribute that helps your character to hit better in melee combat and deals more damage against enemies.
Charisma allows your character to barter for better item prices and helps in magical combat and special stance like the Holy Strike.
Defend is a defensive attribute that helps your character to dodge better in melee combat and receive lower damage hits.
Energy is an attribute required for casting of spells and executing special combat stances.
Health just allows your character to live longer, and able to sustain higher damage hits.
Intelligence helps in magical combat and carrying out certain tasks such as the repairing of items.
Leadership helps in special combat stance such as Charge.
Luck is a little bit of everything and more. It's just luck.
Skill Points
Skill points are required for training up your character in the other stats in the learning tower.
Strength allows your character to carry more things and deal more damage in melee combat.
Wisdom is an attribute that helps to cast more effective and potent spells.