Carnage Online: Basics
Starting Off
It would be advisable to start building a town at the beginning of the game so that you can recruit troops to fight under your character. Once you get a steady garrison of troops for your character, you may want to travel around searching for monsters to battle with and gain experience/resources from. Once you feel ready, you may also want to build mines to generate resources for constructing better buildings in your town in order to get stronger units.
Getting Resources
To get resources for your kingdom, there are different ways. The best is to build your own towns and mines and these buildings will give you a certain amount of resources every hour. The other way is to fight off monsters from the lands, the stronger these monsters are, the more resources you will gain from them.
To earn bonus, you have to logout of the game for at least 12 or 18 or 24 hours. The longer you logout of the game, the more extra turns and resources you will gain for the kingdom. If your kingdom has buildings that generate resources hourly, you may have to logout for at least an hour before the resources will be generated for your kingdom. This is to ensure that players are kept off the server in order to keep the server running fast and efficiently for others.