Yama: FAQ
How do I earn turns?
The computer will start calculating your turns immediately after you logout. To be sure that you will be earning turns, login after at least 12 hours (10 bonus turns), or 18 hours (20 bonus turns), or 24 hours (30 bonus turns). You are unlikely to gain turns if you keep login and logout as the computer resets the timer on calculation of turns each time you login. 
How do I get out of newbie status?
The kingdom level is based on a ladder competition ranking system. This promotion/relegation of kingdom level is determined at the end of the competition period, at which kingdoms will be reset and depending on their final ranking on the current game level, be promoted or relegated. Please note that though you may chat with players from different kingdom levels, you will be unable to locate their kingdoms within the game. Their kingdoms are placed on separate database.
What do I do if I discover some errors/bugs/problems?
Copy and paste the exact same error message that you receive, and if possible, describe what you did to produce this error message, and then email us.