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Browser Based - No downloads, no installations required, no virus to fear, just logon and play!
Game Play - Our games are fast, repetitive, and incredibly addictive.
Minimum System Requirements - This website is built to support even the most basic computer with antique browsers. No more missing files problem to worry about, just logon and play.
Multiplayer - Compete against other players from all around the world. Gather your friends for a competition. Strive to be the best gamer, strive to be the legend.
Persistent World - Our games continue to grow everyday, with or without you. They run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Play Our Games For Free - This is our promise that we will never charge players to play our games.
Text Based - Text games are known to induce imagination and promote cognitive thinking within the player.
A glance on the life in Betholia (Textbased Massively Multiplayer Online RPG):
  • Over 500 different armors, weapons, rings and amulets to play with including rare monster drops.

  • Craft your own items!

  • Create guilds, give your guild members their ranks under a hierarchy system.

  • Rankings in the taverns to show how each character matched up with the others.

  • Choose from over 100 unique combinations of starting characters based on their class/race/gender.

  • Play with a varieties of specialised skills and spells unique to each individual character class.

  • Create and own different characters to test their strength and weakness.

  • You decide the stats which you want to increase when you level up.

  • Players can travel in groups lead by a "main" character.

  • Journey into the realms to search for rare quest monsters that drop special items.

  • Buy your own house to store your belongings and personalise the house descriptions for your friends to see.

  • Lots of hidden areas waiting to be explored.

  • Special monster abilities to surprise you with what they can do.

  • In-game chat to get help (or not) from the more veteran players.

  • Swear words filter to promote a more friendly atmosphere.

  • A glance on the life in Carnage Online (Textbased Multiplayer Online Strategy-Roleplaying Game):
  • Over 100 different monsters to attack.

  • 9 different town types to play with.

  • Each town type has a unique selection of buildings and troops to play with.

  • A huge map to ensure that players are likely to have lands to build their own cities and expand on it.

  • Deploy troops to station at your buildings for defense against intruders.

  • Characters can recruit from over 100 different monsters and bring them to battle.

  • In-game chat to allow players to reveal coordinates of kingdoms should they want to wage war.

  • Swear words filter to promote a more friendly atmosphere.

  • A glance on the life in Yama (Textbased Multiplayer Online Strategy Game):
  • Rankings to show how the kingdoms match up with each other.

  • A variety of kingdom races to choose from which has different advantages/disadvantages.

  • Different kingdom race allows the recruitment of different types of troops.

  • Based on a ladder system that promotes/demotes your kingdom level depending on your kingdom networth on resets.

  • Resets once every 3 months at the 1st day of the finishing month to allow new kingdoms to catch up. (Jan,April,July,Oct)

  • Form alliances to make your kingdom stronger.

  • Send aids to your friends.

  • A variety of war tactics to choose against enemy kingdoms.

  • In-game chat to plead or threaten other kingdoms. lol.

  • Swear words filter to promote a more friendly atmosphere.

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